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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer

Over the weekend I potted up new herbs, added some new potting mix and pruned our potted lemon and lime trees on the deck.  I picked up three Poang Chairs pre-loved on Gumtree, three for the price of one.  Gave them a colour change so things are looking great for a relaxing spring.
New Herbs Planted in the Old Pots
Dwarf Lemon & Lime Trees Pruned and Potting Mix Added
The Ikea Poang Chairs that I purchased second hand 
Fabric washed and given a colour change
makes a world of difference
They are so comfortable, easy to fall asleep in:)
               All set up ready for some relaxing outdoor summer living.

Have a great day.

Shirley :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yesterdays Baking

As we have an overload of eggs I thought I would make a pavlova for desert yesterday, we all love pavlova, yes lots of cream but the fresh fruit more than makes up for the indulgence.
Ready to pop into the oven.
Lastly a loaf I made yesterday, I was so happy with the finished baked product, it tasted great had a lovely chewy crust.  It isn't sourdough but nevertheless was quite delicious.  I used 2 cups of bakers white flour, 1 cup of attar flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, half tsp dried yeast, 1 and a half cups of water, a couple of spoons of chia seed, Pepita's, sunflower seeds, baked it in a really hot oven for the first half hour and turned it down to around 180 C for the remainder of the cooking.

Have a great day.

Shirley :) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

In My Kitchen for September

Spring is here, hooray, however the heat has arrived here in Brisbane up in the high 20"s today though the evenings can still be cool.

In my kitchen this month A set of Neoflam saucepans, these can be used on the cooktop, as a cake tin, a casserole dish, very versatile, attractive and oh so colourful.  They have a removable clip on handle and stack so easily for storage.
 A set of Baccarat knives in a lovely wooden block, I have been a shocker with knives, always blunt so these are proving to be a pleasure to use.
A bottle of 12 year old Muscat we received as a gift, very rich, I find it very much like Madeira wine, love it.
Lastly a jar of Organic Agave Nectar to use as a sweetener in cooking, in recipes 25% less nectar is used than sugar required.
Take a look at what others are doing in their kitchens at Celia's blog, it's very inspirational and she is a great photographer.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend:)