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Friday, February 3, 2012

Freshly Ground Wheat

For ages now I have wanted a Grain Mill, a couple of weeks ago one came up on ebay, hardly used, perfect and I missed it.  I was so disappointed.  I was having a look at the Skippy Grain Mills website and contacted them to see if they had any demo models or used mills for sale.  I got an email back later that day saying they had a demo model that had only had about an hours use that was for sale at quite a reduced price compared to a brand new one.

I thought about it for a few days and then decided to purchase it.  So here it is, like brand new, works wonderfully, I am very pleased with my purchase.
It has many settings from coarse to fine, I have ground some wheat into the most beautiful fine flour and made a couple of sourdough loaves.  They taste so much better than any bread purchased and I know we are getting all the goodness from whole grains.
Absolutely delicious and I know it has been made with the freshest of flour.

More baking on the weekend.

Cheers and have a great weekend.