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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waking up to Horror!!!!!!!!!!

Over the last week I have been building up my sourdough starter, feeding it morning and evening and was planning to make a loaf this morning. So a weeks work is ruined and will have to be thrown away!

Well look what I woke up to this morning, I could not believe my eyes, the cloths that were covering it are in the bowl and there are signs of what has happened.
 Here is the first clue, can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!
 The tea towels are sitting on top of the sourdough and there are the calling cards of a rat.  

We have never had a rat in our house before, so now today's task is to clear out the pantry, repair the flyscreen in the window and make sure I have nothing that it can eat into and try to find the rat.  I am horrified.

Shirley :(

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Qld Not so Sunny

Here in S.E. Qld, Australia we are have a huge weather event, it has been pouring nearly all night and all of today too.  The weather forecast is for us to possibly receive between 200-400 mm of rain within the next 48 hours.
Bucketing down with rain, our very soggy garden, looking down to our Orchard, hopefully they wont drown.

Have a super day Shirley :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kitchen Reno

For a while we have been wanting to give our kitchen a renovation.  The cost of kitchen renovation is sooooo expensive, we needed to replace our doors as they were Vinyl Wrap and it had started to peel off and my oven wasn't working, a Kleenmaid that was installed when the house was built had a couple of problems and as Kleenmaid in Australia no longer exists we had to purchase a new one.

This is a photo of what the old kitchen looked like, not too bad but on close inspection lots of things wrong.
You can just see on the cupboard door above the oven that the Vinyl Wrap is lifting, this was happening on many of the doors and I had taped them back on to stop them peeling any further.

We got a couple of quotes to replace the doors which came in around $1500, quite a lot of money, then the panels would have looked odd around the cupboards, end panels etc.  

What we decided to to was get the doors 2-packed, professionally spray painted, so I got a few quotes to get that done.  My husband stripped the kitchen down, the Vinyl wrap literally peeled off with no adhesive holding it on, took out any large panels that would show, the company came, picked it up and a week later returned it to us 2-packed.  So the week before Christmas we were madly trying to reassemble our kitchen, purchased a new Westinghouse Oven, being careful to ensure it would fit in the existing location and a new matching stainless steel range hood, new tiles.

Here is the finished kitchen, we are so pleased with it, it is clean, bright and looks brand new and at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.