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Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Kale" Flavour of the Season

In almost every recipe one sees this time of year Kale is being used as an ingredient, so many claims of benefits to health.

I have a few varieties of it growing here in the vegie patch, we have been having it steamed and in green smoothies.

This is a very attractive purple stemmed variety.

The leaves of this variety are so dark and shout out healthy!

Another very attractive curly leafed variety.

They grow very easily and haven't been bothered by any pests.

I just love the deeply crinkled leaves of the Savoy Cabbage, a little longer to go before they are ready to harvest.
This year we have chosen to grow purple podded peas, the pods have been a little slow to develop and aren't quite as big as the green varieties.  They say everything purple is the in colour to be eating for healthy superfoods, the flowers are very colourful in the vegie patch to.

What have you got growing in your vegie patch at the moment.

Enjoy your weekend.

Shirley :)


  1. Hi Shirley. I am not quite sure how you ended up on my side bar, but popped over to see you and liked what I read! There is always kale in the shops here and we eat quite a lot of it as it has iron in it. Our vegetable patch has fared very badly this year because of the cold, wet Summer here in the North of England. We have had peas and broad beans though and our runner beans have just begun to crop - our first lot today. Nice to meet you. Do call and see me.

  2. Hi Weaver of the Grass, thanks for dropping by, I quite often visit your blog and enjoy reading your posts:)

    Thanks Shirley :)