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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waking up to Horror!!!!!!!!!!

Over the last week I have been building up my sourdough starter, feeding it morning and evening and was planning to make a loaf this morning. So a weeks work is ruined and will have to be thrown away!

Well look what I woke up to this morning, I could not believe my eyes, the cloths that were covering it are in the bowl and there are signs of what has happened.
 Here is the first clue, can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!
 The tea towels are sitting on top of the sourdough and there are the calling cards of a rat.  

We have never had a rat in our house before, so now today's task is to clear out the pantry, repair the flyscreen in the window and make sure I have nothing that it can eat into and try to find the rat.  I am horrified.

Shirley :(


  1. Rascally Rats!! Hope you managed to find the culprit & "dispose" of it..
    Our First starter was knocked over on Saturday night.. Have started another & will have a go at a loaf on Friday..

  2. Well we haven't had any more visitors in the middle of the night since then, thank goodness!:)