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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snaps in the Garden

Here are a few snaps of what is going on in our garden over the Easter Break.
After purchasing a delicious red pawpaw, I planted the seeds, today I transplanted many of them into small pots ready for spring planting.
 A trombone pumpkin maturing on the vine.
 The vegie garden getting a re-vamp ready for winter planting.
Removing worm castings to add to the vegie patches.
 An Ice Cream Bean tree, the rains over the summer months have really helped this look the healthiest it has looked in years and it is providing great shade.
 An old bath tub filled with water chestnuts ready for harvest, we will add these to stir-fries for the extra crunch, this is the best harvest we have ever grown.

Enjoy the remainder of your Easter break.

Cheers Shirley :)

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