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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer

Over the weekend I potted up new herbs, added some new potting mix and pruned our potted lemon and lime trees on the deck.  I picked up three Poang Chairs pre-loved on Gumtree, three for the price of one.  Gave them a colour change so things are looking great for a relaxing spring.
New Herbs Planted in the Old Pots
Dwarf Lemon & Lime Trees Pruned and Potting Mix Added
The Ikea Poang Chairs that I purchased second hand 
Fabric washed and given a colour change
makes a world of difference
They are so comfortable, easy to fall asleep in:)
               All set up ready for some relaxing outdoor summer living.

Have a great day.

Shirley :)


  1. It always seems strange to me that you are doing the opposite to what we are doing at this time of year - we are now getting ready for winter and the garden furniture is being put away. Your chairs do look comfortable and I like the colours you have dyed the fabric with - enjoy your summer.

  2. Those chairs make me so envious that your summer is coming, just as we head into a chilly autumn, having had no summer weather woth writing about.