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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breakfast Oh Yum!

                A picture says a thousand words!  Breakfast Oh Yum!
Have a great day!
Shirley :)


  1. Oh Shirley - for many years I had a wonderful black pug called Algy - I loved him dearly and was devastated when he died. They are such a lovely breed. Thank you for this reminder of him.

  2. Yes Pat they are a wonderful breed, I totally agree. We had a fawn pug "Dylan" before the current black "Onslow". He is 2 years old, quite lively, can be quite naughty but very endearing, they do have a stubborn streak I find but they always make you smile and show lots of expression in their faces. It is hard to want another breed of dog once one has owned a Pug :)