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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jacaranda Time

Here in Australia it is Jacaranda time, from around the end of September until the end of November the Jacaranda trees flower, they are the most beautiful tree, no leaves at this time of year just a mass of flowers.
 A street lined with Jacaranda trees magnificent.
A close up of the gorgeous flowers.

I absolutely love to see these trees flowering, they take many years from  planting before they flower but oh so worth the wait.

Have a great day Shirley :)


  1. Those pictures are stunning Shirley.

  2. The trees are absolutely gorgeous, the Poinciana trees are also out lining many streets, bright red also very stunning.

  3. I have read about them often Shirley but never actually seen them before. They are a lovely colour and I can imagine how stunning they look in a whole avenue. We sometimesd get avenues of almond blossom in May here in the UK. I think these flowering trees look so much better en masse.