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Monday, August 22, 2011

Honey Harvest

The weather was right, we knew the supers in our bee hive were full to the brim so we had a window of opportunity to harvest the honey from our bee hive.

We have had the hive for about ten months and already those hard working bees have given us 30 kg of honey.

So suited up we were prepared to do the necessary work to place the clearer board between the brood box, where the queen lays her eggs and the supers, where the bees store their honey.

We hired a honey extractor from our local beekeeping supply shop and we were set for the job of extracting the honey from the frames.
The frames are placed in the extractor two at a time and spun at high speed to force the honey from the comb.  It hits the side of the extractor and then runs down to the base.  There is a gate to allow us to strain the honey into containers, just pure honey, nothing added.
The last of the honey being poured from the extractor, strained into the jars.

Here is our harvest from two supers, around 30 kgs of pure honey.  Yum, lovely on toast.  I also add our pure honey to my soaps for a luxurious bar of soap.
And some of the honey soap I have made in the past, smells divine, a natural bar, the warm colour coming from the added honey.
Have a great afternoon,

Cheers Shirley :)


  1. Yum! Nothing like fresh honey.

  2. Fantastic! Also love the idea of adding it to your soap - might pinch that idea! :)