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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pots of Herbs

After lunch I got stuck into my pots of herbs on the deck.  With the dry weather they weren't looking their best, also the frost and cold weather has knocked them around.

So I took them one by one, trimmed off any dead bits and overhanging growth, fertilized them, mulched the top of the pots with some organic lucern and gave them a good soak.
I had some egg plants growing in a large pot also, the frost has killed off the top of the plants so I have cut them back as I have read that a second season can be got from them.  Fingers crossed they come back but there was lots of new shoots up the stems.
Another job to be ticked off the list.  In a few weeks we should have lots of fresh growth to pick to add to our meals.

Have a great day.

Cheers Shirley :)

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