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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shots from the Garden

It is quite warm here today, we haven't had rain for some time, the vegie patch is looking very dry and many things are drooping.  We need rain and very soon.

I have taken a few shots from around the garden today to share.
I love violas, we had a few in a pot many years ago, now they just seem to have self seeded all over the placed adding a touch of colour.
Here the potatoes are growing really well and getting flowers on, we have had some quite bad frosts but these haven't been effected this year so I am expecting a good crop of potatoes soon.
A bumper crop of citrus this year, these are Meyer Lemons, absolutely full of juice.
Ruby Red Silverbeet stalks, they add lovely colour to the vegie patch.
 The bees are working away, they are bringing in lots of pollen at the moment and the supers are filled with honey ready for extracting.
Lastly presents from the chooks, they are starting to lay quite well again after many weeks with very few eggs being produced.

Hope you have had a wonderful day.

Cheers Shirley :)

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