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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In My Kitchen

Following Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial I will add a monthly post 
"In My Kitchen" allowing others to view what is going on in my kitchen. Here is the link to her great 

I just love old pottery, the old fashioned hand thrown salt glazed Bendigo range.  It is a pleasure to use.  Here are a few of my favourite pieces.
This is a beautiful old casserole dish, I also have the Bendigo Pottery book which gives details of the potters who worked at the pottery, each piece is initialed so you know which potter created it.
Isn't this old teapot divine! 
This very old bread crock would have to be my favourite piece, ancient, rarely seen, great for storing not only bread but potatoes and onions keep well in it too. 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my favourites in the kitchen.

Enjoy your day:)



  1. I LOVE old pottery! I have a much smaller collection- most of mine is from Roseville pottery located here in Ohio (USA)- but they are very precious to me.
    That teapot is a treasure! No cracks or chips apparent- I often find teapots, rarely without damage.
    Thanks for the small tour of your collection!

  2. Good morning heidiannie, Yes I know collecting old pottery can become very addictive, I am lucky in that the pieces I have are all in perfect condition, mind you it is very heavy pottery all hand thrown. Nowadays Bendigo Pottery uses moulds/slip cast, such a shame that we are losing the old skills. Have a great day and happy collecting.

    Shirley :)

  3. Shirley, thanks for joining in! It's wonderful to see what's in your kitchen! Love the old pottery, especially the old bread crock!

    (I left a message earlier, but it disappeared! :))

  4. Seeing your collection reminds me of my Bendigo Pottery bread crock from the 70's. They were very popular then. It is more squat than yours and a lovely honey colour. I also have 2 beer mugs in the same glaze. They certainly keep the beer cold.

  5. Hi invisiblespice, I have a couple of the bread crocks you describe but the black one I pictured is the oldest and most unusual so I guess that is why it is my favourite.

  6. Shirley. I love your Bendigo pottery I have one piece that I have kept for about 35 years in anticipation of making vinegar in it. It is a barrel with a little tap at the bottom.