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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Open Garden Scheme Visit

A couple of weekends ago we had the pleasure of visiting Jerry Coleby-Williams garden, one of the presenters of the Gardening Australia show.  It was a delight to visit, so much to take in, almost every plant was labeled making for easy identification.  Jerry was there talking to the visitors and all were listening very intently as he spoke about the development of his garden.
Jerry chatting with the many visitors who were lucky enough to visit his garden.
His salad bed, packed to the brim with beautiful healthy looking edible greens
              The Council Verge planted out with Golden Sweet Potatoe.  
A coffee tree thriving in the micro climate that has been created with the different levels of planting throughout the garden.
Most plants labeled.  Everyone that visited I am sure would have been inspired to grow some of their own food.  His garden is organic, no chemicals used, he said there were hundreds of beneficial insects visiting encouraged by allowing plants to flower and go to seed.

This garden was so well worth the visit.

Shirley :)


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