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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sourdough Success

I had a bread making day yesterday, fed my soughdough starter the evening before, in the morning added bakers flour, rye flour and some chia seeds, kneaded it the and left it to prove until around 4 pm, so in all about 8 hours.
                    After the the kneading, great for the arm muscles :)
                         Ready for baking after sitting for 8 hours.
The loaf hot out of the oven, smells divine, now to resist until it has cooled down.
It may not have the rustic appearance of sourdough loaves but to date it is the best tasting and textured loaf I have made, now I feel enthusiastic to get a little more adventurous with different flours, grains etc.

Hope you have a great day.

Shirley :) 


  1. A great looking loaf - makes me hungry just looking at it. Gives you a great sense of satisfaction doesn't it.

  2. Wonderful Shirley that loaf looks fantastic. I hope your sourdough journey is a happy one :-)