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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Day Spent In the Vegie Garden

Yesterday I managed to spend a few hours in the vegie garden, in just the few days that we were away things just seem to have grown like crazy although we could certainly do with some rain to freshen things up.  
Even though it's winter here in the sub-tropics we are still getting tomatoes ripening on the vine.  These are Tommy Toe, I have found them very suited to our climate and pest resistant.
The sugar loaf cabbages are heading up nicely, these are easy and quick to grow in our climate. 
This year with the very cold start to winter that we have had the broad beans have set flowers, these can be difficult to get to set pods in the sub-tropics, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good crop this year.
This is our salad and greens picking bed, you will notice some of the Asian vegies are going to seed, this is probably due to the dry weather we have been having.  We let some things go to seed for the bees, sometimes we also save our own seed.  I quite like the flowers in the vegie garden too.
Here is some curly leaf kale, the leaves are just fascinating, kale is very good for you too.

A little blurry but here the tropical peach tree is bursting into flower.

Just a few of the sights from our garden that we are attempting to turn into our Little Paradise.

Have a wonderful day.
Cheers Shirley :)

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