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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frost Can Be Good To

This morning we awoke to a heavy frost, looking out from the warmth of inside the house it looked beautiful.  I love this time of year, crisp mornings, beautiful sunny days, then late in the afternoon the chill starts to set in again.

Frost also has many benefits in that it kills many nasty bugs so our winter crops don't get attacked as much.  It also is beneficial for low chill fruit trees here in the sub tropics.

Frost also helps the beautiful blood oranges get that lovely red colour.

The frost was glistening on the roof, we have double insulation so it sits there until the sun hits it.  I have noticed houses that don't have insulation seem to have no frost sitting on their roof, the heat loss from inside the home would prevent it forming.

Enjoy the winter sunshine today and also appreciate the cool mornings, before long summer will be here, it is a wonderful time of the year.

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