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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


While I was away I picked up yet another book, I just love books, this one is a beauty though. Isabell Shipard's "How can I grow and use Sprouts as a Living Food"
I have been sprouting for many years now but just the usual, alfalfa, mung beans.  This book gives 100 kinds of seeds for sprouting, the list is really quite endless and fascinating.  I am definitely going to be more adventurous from now on.
Any spotlessly clean jar can be used for sprouting left to drain on the sink with a piece of chux or similar material covering the open end of the jar.  The important thing is to rinse several times a day to keep them fresh.
There are jars designed to sprout in, this one I picked up at the Maleny Co-op that has a lid which allows it to sit draining, this came with a small packet of seeds to get you started.
Isabell also suggests many other containers that can be used for sprouting, even baskets where the small seeds can fasten themselves, great for wheat grass and larger seeds.

Isabell Shipards books are available directly from her, her website is well worth checking out "

Off to soak some seeds.

Enjoy your day.

Cheers Shirley :)


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