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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tasmania Memories

At the end of March we were very fortunate to spend 11 days in beautiful Tasmania.  That 11 days weren't nearly long enough to explore this wonderful place, there is so much to see, the history of the place is just amazing, majestic old buildings, vineyards, markets, the place is just packed with interesting places to visit.

             Constitution Dock, Hobart with Mt Wellington in the Background.

To the west of Hobart there were large orchards the trees heavily laden ready for the picking.  Stalls on the side of the road with many different old varieties of apples to purchase.

   Here is one of the many beautiful old buildings, built from huge stone slabs.

       Mole Creek Caves, absolutely gorgeous formations, well worth a visit.

Of course no trip to Tasmania could you go past a trip to Port Arthur, the historical convict site.  Their lives must have been so hard, children as young as 9 were sent here for the rest of their lives.  A visit here can't help but stir emotions, there is an island where many of the convicts are buried too.

On Saturday mornings a trip to the Salamanca Markets, Hobart, heaps of interesting stalls, fresh produce, music, best to get there early.

Matt Evans,  SBS TV Series The Gourmet Farmer, Author "The Real Food Companion" and his new book "Winter on the Farm" serving at his popular market stall.

                           Crates of many different varieties of Apples

                  Stalls filled to the brim with the freshest of produce.

We visited the Patch in the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens from the ABC Series Gardening Australia, unfortunately no one was working or filming on this day.

This is the old Callington Mill, still in use today, vistors can watch wheat being milled into flour, read of the history and beautiful fresh flour can be purchased.

We enjoyed our holiday to Tasmania and will definitely be visiting again but for much longer next time.



  1. I love, love, love Tassie. We went there on a holiday about 10 yrs ago now, I could live there!!

  2. Great to see your Tassy pics, glad you enjoyed your time here. Often people think that with such a small island it won't take long to look around it BUT as you have discovered there is so much to see. Hope you make it back someday.

  3. I think you could spend a month or longer there and not see it all. We will be back, so much more to do and visit there :)