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Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love Making Soap

Soap making is something that grabs you and becomes addictive.  There is just something about it, your own creation, excitement to see what it looks like as it is taken out of the wooden mould and cut into bars ready for drying.  Trying new recipes and adding ingredients that give it gorgeous soft bubbles.

                    The ingredients assembled ready to be blended
                                 Adding some finely ground oatmeal to the soap
                                                               Trace is Reached
                                               The Soap is poured into the Mould
                   Here is a batch I made with Natural Green Clay, 
                                    Goats Milk and Oatmeal
    A few others I have made, sometimes they can look good enough to eat.

I find it a very satisfying interest giving great pleasure making it using it and giving it as gifts to family and friends.



  1. The soap is sublime, Shirley :-) We've nearly finished the chocolate bar, the others are to come. Great blog! I follow as 'Seeds in Time'. Cheers!

  2. They look fantastic Shirley, I love goatsmilk soap. Homemade is even better.